Metal drilling

Drilling holes in metal refers to one of the most common locksmith’s operations, made on vertical and horizontal drilling, turning and milling machines with the help of drill. Holes of different diameters are necessary for:

• threading, hole enlarging, expansion or boring in bolted, screw, studding and riveted joints when performing assembly and disassembly works;

• placement of electrical wires, cables and different fasteners in these holes;

• tin and copper works.

Metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC provides services for drilling holes of diameter from 4 to 52 mm in hard and soft types of metal. All works are performed in accordance with GOST. In practice we use the following technologies:

• through drilling, in which the working tool comes out through drilled hole;

• blind drilling when depth of the hole is less than metal thickness;

• deep drilling for five or more sizes of bore diameter;

• drilling holes to increase their diameter;

• centering of thin and thick grades of metal products for further processing.

Prices for metal drilling

Prices for drilling holes in metal depends on many factors, which include:

• scope of work required;

• type of drilling;

• type of metal treated and necessity to use coolant.

Price for work is increased by:

• necessity to process composite materials consisting of several layers, as well as solid high-strength metals (steel, cast iron);

• making stepped and curvilineal holes, as well as holes on surface at given angle;

• significant thickness and large hole diameter.

Advantages of work with us

Metal stockholder Absolut- Steel  LLC  accepts orders of any complexity for metal drilling. All operations are made on modern machines with usage of tools that provide high precision class. The work is performed by specialists of the highest qualification level. We guarantee fast, high-quality and not expensive customer service in Kiev, Dnepr, Cherkassy, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine.

Prices for our services are shown in the table. If your order is non-standard, please contact our consultant at the telephone number from the website and ask peculiarities of order fulfillment and price.