Manufacture of metal structures 

Today light metal structures are used in almost any area of ​​construction and economy. In comparison with traditional products of reinforced concrete or wood metal structures are more durable, reliable, safe and stable.

In order to obtain reliable metal structures it is necessary to follow exact requirements of manufacturing technology, use quality materials and services of qualified specialists.

Metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC manufactures high-quality structures from metal of leading industrial enterprises in Europe and the CIS. You can order at us the manufacture of metal structures on individual project of any required volume.

Peculiarities of metal structures manufacture from metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC

Metal structures are manufactured in accordance with the customer’s drawings. We manufacture:

All structures manufactured by our company are able to withstand heavy loads without deformation, not subject to corrosion and resistant to wear. Additionally, we provide services for manufacture of semi-finished steel products and individual parts for subsequent assembly of various architectural elements.

Cost of services for metal structures manufacture

Metal structures manufacture price is calculated individually for each customer. It depends on the following parameters:
• purpose and type of metal structure;
• dimensions of the product;
• availability of high-quality drawings;
• manufacturing complexity;
• order quantity;
• customer's design requirements.

Advantages of our company

• Fulfillment of individual orders in optimal terms.
• Manufacture and installation of metal structures from various type of metal.
• Own manufacturing base allows us to offer the lowest price for finished products.
• High quality of manufactured products.
•Individual approach to each customer.
• Wide range of products, possibility to buy them wholesale and retail.

Orders are shipped from warehouse in Dnepr. It is also possible to make delivery to any place of Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Kherson and other cities. Delivery price is not included in the price of goods. You can make order or get advice on your question by telephone numbers or via feedback form.