Reinforcing cages and reinforcing mesh manufacture 

Durable reinforcing mesh or reinforcing cage is the guarantee that no cracks and deflections appear in the foundation and walls of the constructed building. Steel stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC offers services for manufacture of reinforcing cages and reinforcing mesh of standard dimensions and according to customer demand.

Reinforcing cages and reinforcing mesh are manufactured on modern equipment using high-quality raw materials, thanks to which our products have high reliability index and excellent operating characteristics.

Peculiarities of reinforcing cages and reinforcing mesh manufacture 

The rebar A400 (25r2c), B500C, A500C is used for reinforcing products manufacture on production facilities of our company. Longitudinal and transverse bars are made of this rebar, bars can intersect at right or oblique angles.

Thickness of bars is selected taking into account product application. At intersection point the bars are fastened by welding. We use semi-automatic welding machines, whose work does not violate the integrity of metal structure. The same principle is applied to manufacture the reinforcing mesh. There are meshes of both heavy and light type in the product range. Dimensions: Ø 4, 5, 6 mm, from 0.38 x 1 m to 1 x 6 m. Cells: 50, 100, 150, 200.

We manufacture reliable connections for cross-shaped rebar of "normalized" and "unnormalized" strength. The production line of the steel stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC has transverse guillotine, which allows making cards cutting of welding meshes according to the parameters specified by the customer. It is possible to make various steps of clamps in one product, thanks to which we take into account any requirements of the customer. 

Production price of reinforcing mesh and reinforcing cages

Our company is successful metal trader and metal stockholder, we cooperate directly with many European manufacturers of metal products. The absence of intermediaries allows forming loyal and reasonable prices for all the products offered. We sell metal products wholesale and retail and provide services for its processing.

Reasons why it is worth to choose our company

You can order reinforcing cage of various complexity, reinforcing mesh with transverse, longitudinal bars of different diameters.

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