Galvanized coil with polymer covering

Galvanized coil steel is practical and reliable material widely used in construction and industrial manufacture. It’s a metal base, coated by layer of zinc. After that special composition is applied to the plate to passivate the surface in order to eliminate environmental influence.

Further technology provides primer application, after that lower part of the plate is covered by layer of protective paint, and coloured polymer is applied on the front side. Polymer coating can be single-layer or two-layer. Polyester is used as polymer, due to which steel plate becomes plastic, gets resistance to ultraviolet radiation, mechanical stress and has nice look. Decorative properties of steel products with polymeric coating have been maintained for ten years.

Coil with special polymer coating RAL

Steel stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC offers the customers metal products with one-sided or double-sided polyester coating with colour matching according to RAL catalogue from our metal base. Usage of such coating improves appearance and increases service life of material. Evenly applied layer of polymer improves protective properties of metal products. Steel plates processed by RAL technology have high resistance to fading, preserves plasticity, are bendable and have reasonable price.

RAL catalogue is standard system with special colour marking, which greatly facilitates their choice. When you order colours, it is enough to indicate its catalogue number. The most popular colours:

• beige;

• chocolate;

• cherry;

• blue;

• green;

• white;

• silver.


Galvanized coil with polymer coating is the most popular material in the manufacture of:

• profiled flooring;

• metal tiles;

• siding for exterior finishing of buildings;

• sandwich panels.

Plates are also used for interior decoration of buildings and manufacture of drainage systems

Benefits from work with us

In manufacture of galvanized steel coils high-quality polymers are used, products are manufactured in accordance with current GOST. Unique commercial offer from metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC includes:

• manufacture of strips of required dimensions by individual order;

• sale of metal in coils with polymer coating for low price;

• possibility to purchase galvanized steel wholesale and retail;

• guarantee for metal products with polymer coating.

Polymer coil

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Metal recalculation Calculator

№ Vendor codeTitleDescriptionSizePrice UAH/tn
№ Vendor code1TitlePolymer coilDescription
RAL 3005
0,35 – 0,7 mm
Price UAH/tn
№ Vendor code2TitlePolymer coilDescription
RAL 6002
0,35 – 0,7 mm
Price UAH/tn
№ Vendor code3TitlePolymer coilDescription
RAL 9003
0,35 – 0,7 mm
Price UAH/tn
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