Rolled wire 

Rolled wire is one of the types of round section steel wire of average diameter 5-10 mm. It is characterized by increased flexibility and durability. Hot-rolled wire is steel, copper, aluminium and galvanized. Most often metal product is made of carbon steel of ordinary quality.

You can purchase rolled wire of required diameter in bundles for low price from the steel stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC, rolled wire meets all state standards. For conversion of steel products from meter to

ton and vice versa there is convenient metal calculator on website.

Steel rolled wire manufacture

Steel rolled wire is manufactured in accordance with requirements of GOST from bar of the corresponding steel grade (low carbon, alloyed) by method of drawing through shaft. Shafts are fixed and form wire from semi-finished part. Then wire is wound on special coil and prepared for
further cooling. It can be done in the following ways:

• single-stage cooling;
• double-stage cooling;
•on air.

Accuracy of rolling corresponds to the following

• V - ordinary strength;
• B - increased strength.

High standards of manufacture of this type of wire exclude presence of bubbles, voids, irregularities. Moulding is made in hot way, which involves preliminary metal incandescence, when metal passes through shafts. After rolling the cooling process follows, then wire moves to storage room.


Rolled wire in coils is widely used in construction, metalworking and manufacture of electrodes. Construction ropes, welding wire, fences, gates, reinforcement elements, decorative metal structures and others are manufactured from rolled wire. Copper and aluminium wire is used mainly for power supply. Steel rolled wire is also used as starting material in:

• manufacture of household and industrial products;
• package and tightening of various metal products;
• construction of reinforced concrete structures;
• construction of power transmissions.

This type of metal product is available at almost any metal base and is also used in manufacture of reinforcement cages, meshes and other related products. Despite such wide use of rolled wire you need to select the grade and diameter of metal products properly, depending on intended application and objectives.

Why it is worth to choose us

Absolut-Steel LLC is a leading metal stockholder and metal trader in Ukraine specializing on the sale of metal products of international class. We sell large product range of metal products wholesale and retail at low prices, because we cooperate directly with manufacturers. In the list of our services there is also complex processing of metal products:

• cutting to the dimensions, drilling;
• unwinding, bending of rebar and wire;
• CNC plasma and gas-oxygen cutting of flat steel.

We deliver metal products to Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine. Collection from our warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk is also possible.
If you want to buy rolled wire for low price, call us at telephone numbers or use feedback form from the website. Our managers provide all necessary information and help to complete the order.

Rolled wire

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