Rebar is a type of metal products and indispensable element of modern construction for reinforcement of standard and prestressed concrete-steel structures. Rebar makes the construction sites stronger and more durable. Required quality parameters of rebar are governed by the rules of state standards.
Metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC offers favourable terms for purchase of metal products - reinforcing bars of different shapes and diameters, competitive price, possibility of delivery to any place of Ukraine and individual approach to each customer. We supply high quality rebar of dimensions you need


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Types of rebar and its range

Product range according to GOST includes flexible and rigid rebar. Manufacturing material: carbon or low-alloy steel. Average length of measuring bars is 6-12 meters. According to the established standards their curvature should not exceed 0.6% from the measured length.
Steel rebar is also classified by type of profile: smooth and partially corrugated. There are two ways of reinforcing bars manufacture:

• hot rolling method (for sale in coils);

• cold drawing method (for sale in rods).

Light rebar includes bars of diameter up to 12 mm, heavy rebar includes bars of diameter 12-40 mm and of large weight. It can be welded or tied depending on the desired effect. The advantages of reinforcing bars are:

• high strength;
• resistance to corrosion;
• ability to withstand heavy loads;
• effective adhesion to concrete;
• good weldability;
• strengthening of structures of different types.

Why choose our company

Благодаря прямому сотрудничеству с производителями мы предлагаем наиболее низкую цену в Украине.

Продажа металлопроката осуществляется оптом и в розницу.

Продукция, указанная в каталоге, всегда в наличии; есть возможность получить другие позиции под заказ.

Оптовым покупателям мы даем хорошие скидки.

Наличие крана грузоподъемностью 30т позволяет нам быстро перегружать тяжеловесные партии, в том числе негабаритных размеров.

Для металлопроката весом до 5т можем организовать боковую погрузку.

Where applied

Rebar along with other types of metal products is widely used in construction. Depending on the type of reinforcing bar it can serve as means for frame strengthening of various buildings, girders and metal structures or act as a load divider throughout the whole structure. Construction rebar is also indispensable when laying the foundation in residential and commercial buildings. It is also used for:

• protection of concrete from cracks near supports;
• frame assembly;
• protection from longitudinal and inclined cracks;
• plate reinforcement.

Reinforcing bars are divided into working bars and assembling bars. The first type is mainly used in the construction industry to strengthen the concrete, the second one is installed for constructive and technological reasons. Steel flexible rebar in the form of bars, welded meshes and frames is the most widely used. The material is easy to weld, which enhances its physical properties and makes it more durable.

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The advantages of the metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC

Metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC is the leader in import and sale of metal products in Ukraine. We offer to buy rebar wholesale and retail for low price, because we sell products directly and not through intermediaries.

You can order at us the rebar to Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and other cities for low price, we also have possibility to deliver to any country of the CIS and European Union. The price per ton of reinforcing bars does not include the cost of delivery to the regions. Collection of goods from our warehouse in the city Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk) is also possible. For convenient calculation of metal from meter to ton and vice versa we suggest to use comfortable calculator directly on the website.
Contact our consultants by telephone from the website or using the feedback form to find out more about products you are interested in.

If you have any questions or difficulties, our support team will help you make the right choice.
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