CNC plasma and gas-oxygen metal cutting

If you need to cut flat steel, gas-oxygen or CNC plasma cutting of metal allows you to do it in the most cost-effective and accurate way.

 Shaped processing of any metal, including high-carbon and high-alloy steels, is performed with minimum deformation of material by CNC plasma cutting; thickness of the metal being cut can reach 300 mm. You can perform work on products with complex geometric shape for different areas of production with the help of CNC plasma cutting.

Gas-oxygen cutting is used for cutting of low alloy steels and medium alloy steels; it is characterized by smooth vertical surface of cut and possibility of cutting to final size without further processing.

 Metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC offers services for industrial cutting of metals using specified types of cutting. We use only modern equipment, thanks to which we can guarantee high precision of plate cutting.

Peculiarities of gas and CNC plasma metal cutting

CNC plasma cutting is metal treatment method, in which the cutter is plasma jet of temperature 5000–30000°C. In the place of cut local melting of metal occurs, thereby possibility of its temperature deformations has been reducing. Plasma cutting is used for processing of sheets and plates of small and medium thickness and provides good precision and high speed of metal processing.

 Gas-oxygen cutting of flat steel is made by combustion of material in gas jet. Metal is heated by mixture of combustible gas and oxygen up to 1100 °C, after that jet of oxygen is sent to the cutting zone. In contact with the heated metal oxygen is ignited and cuts the metal. This is the most popular industrial cutting method, because it allows us to cut metals of any thickness.

We make:

• gas-oxygen cutting of metal of thickness from 5 mm to 300 mm;
• CNC plasma cutting from 1 to 50 mm from plate edge 1 to 80 mm;
• shaped cutting of parts of any complexity by modern machines.

 Maximum area of ​​processed work zone can be 2500x6000 mm.

 Metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC also makes cutting of metal on band saw machine.

We cut steel profiles, round steel products (maximum diameter 470 mm) of any configuration, cuts are made at 0°, 45°, 60° and 90°angle. We have possibility to make bundle cutting of steel products.

The price of flat steel cutting from metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC

The price of metal gas cutting, as well as the price of CNC plasma cutting depends on the brand, thickness and area of ​​the plate.

Why is it worth to choose our company 

You can order metal cutting by gas or plasma in any volume at the metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC. We guarantee:

• high accuracy and quality of cut (during manufacture of semi-finished metal parts, during parts cutting the tolerance no more than 0.25 mm may be allowed);
• making semi-finished metal parts of various geometric shapes;
• minimal amount of metal waste;
• short terms of order fulfilment.

Shipment of finished orders is made from the warehouse in the city Dnepr. If necessary, we can arrange delivery of goods by transport service to the destination place (to Zaporozhye, Kherson, Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine). The price of transport service is charged separately. In order to get answers on your questions, call one of the telephone numbers from the website.