Calibrated hexagon

Calibrated hexagon is one of the types of steel profile, it is a bar with correct hexagonal section. It is manufactured from hot rolled metal product of the corresponding steel grade by method of drawing or cold rolling. Faceted shape provides higher strength and stiffness of the

You can buy calibrated metal product at competitive price and required dimensions from the steel stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC. We provide wide range of metal products that meets all state and international quality standards.

Manufacture of calibrated hexagon

The range of calibrated hexagons is manufactured in accordance with GOST 1051-73 from carbon and nickel-containing steel by cold-rolled method. Such method of hexagon manufacture provides high accuracy of its cross section. Depending on the processing method there are several types of this product:

• Mat. It is subjected to minimum processing, but still has high-quality smooth surface.
• Ground. In order to achieve even greater accuracy grinding is made on the machine-tool.
• Speculum. Exceptional quality and accuracy of the product is achieved by grinding till brilliant state.

This type of metal product is ideally subject to significant loads and welding, resistant to high temperatures and has high performance characteristics. Calibrated hexagon can also be made of such steel grades as alloyed, heat-resistant, tool, spring steel etc.


Due to the high accuracy steel calibrated hexagon is
used in machine building, car industry, construction, for manufacture of different
parts and metal structures. Mat and ground bars can be used for:

• walls reinforcement;
• floor structures;
• construction of industrial and welded structures;
• manufacture of bolts, screws, washers.

On the metal base Absolut-Steel LLC there are also speculum calibrated metal product. It is widely used in architecture, outdoor advertising, design. It is used to install open complex structures.

Why is it worth to cooperate with us

Metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC is a leading metal trader in Ukraine, specializing in the sale of metal products of international grade. We offer to buy calibrated hexagon for low price, because we work directly with manufacturers of metallurgy.

Make request for purchase of metal product and ask the price by telephone numbers from website or using the feedback form. You can collect the goods from our warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk or order delivery to Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa or any other city of Ukraine.

Calibrated hexagon

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