Masonry mesh manufacture

Masonry mesh is one of the types of metal products, it has wide range of application, in particular, in the construction industry for reinforcement of concrete-steel structures with unnormalized strength. Masonry mesh is manufactured by method of resistance spot welding from wire of the corresponding diameter.

You can buy metal product from the metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC for low price. We manufacture meshes with standard diameter of cells as well as with non-standard diameter according to customer requests.

Peculiarities of welded mesh manufacture

Steel welded mesh is manufactured on special machines using multipoint equipment according to GOST 23279-82 from wire (reinforcing steel) BP-1 of diameter from  4 to 6 mm.
Contact welding of bars perpendicular to each other is made vertically, which
allows you to create cells of square or rectangular shape of dimension from 50
to 300 mm. Welded mesh is usually manufactured in sheets.

Modern equipment allows us to achieve uniform strength around the perimeter of the structural material. Mesh can undergo additional polymer processing or galvanization according to GOST. It is necessary to give the metal profile anti-corrosion properties and resistance to aggressive environment.

Most often the masonry mesh is supplied in rolls or cards, and weight is calculated based on the bars
dimensions. Due to high accuracy, strength and durability the material can be used in various directions of construction:

• strengthening of concrete and brickwork;
• reinforcement of floor structures, floors;
• installation of cells, fences, greenhouses;
• laying of foundation;
• reinforcement during plastering and facade works;

• installation of reinforced concrete floors, etc.

Steel grade of which the masonry mesh is manufactured is characterized by resistance to mechanical damage. It allows you to use it asalternative to wire mesh for manufacture of fences.

Manufacture cost

Our company is successful metal trader and metal stockholder with many years of work experience in Ukraine. We directly cooperate with European manufacturers of metal products, which allows us to make reasonable prices for manufacture of welded meshes and other metal products. We sell metal products wholesale and retail and also provide services for its processing.

5 reasons to choose our company

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