Galvanized profiled flooring

Profiled flooring is galvanized cold-rolled steel, which is widely used in construction, in

particular, for roofing works and walls cladding. During plate manufacture various types of polymer coatings are used, which provide corrosion resistance and increased strength of the plate and also make it more universal material in industry.

It is possible to buy galvanized profiled flooring at reasonable price per plate from the metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC. We specialize in the sale of all types of metal products that meet requirements of GOST and international quality standards.

Manufacture peculiarities

Galvanized profiled flooring (GOST 24045-94) is manufactured from galvanized steel by cold rolling with application of polymeric compositions or without them. It is made on special profiling machines, which give the plate trapezoidal or wave-like shape of the required hardness. Then profiled flooring passes the stage of galvanization for protection from corrosion. It is classified by:

• plate thickness;

• height of ribs;

• distance between ribs;

• quantity of galvanization;

• length of plate.

Depending on these characteristics profiled flooring for walls, roofs and also bearing profiled flooring are distinguished. Profiled plate does not cause difficulties in installation and allows creation of geometrical surface.

Depending on these characteristics profiled flooring for walls, roofs and also bearing profiled flooring are distinguished. Profiled plate does not cause difficulties in installation and allows creation of geometrical surface.


Due to high quality and durability of the material the plate of galvanized profiled flooring is most widely used in the construction used in the construction industry. It is used for construction of:

• walls;

• roofs;

• fences;

• fixed encasings etc.

Profiled flooring is indispensable for cladding of warehouse facades, hangars, renovation of coatings of old buildings and construction of new facilities. It is also used to add desired hardness to bearing floor structures.

Advantages of profiled flooring

• Easy installation. You can use scissors or rotary saw for work with metal.

• Durability. Galvanization provides long service life
of the material without visible rust.

• Strength. Manufacture of profiled flooring supposes
usage of durable steel, resistant to mechanical damage.

• Minimum costs. Plate of profiled flooring has small
weight, so even large construction will not be too expensive.

Our advantages

Absolut-Steel LLC is one of the best metal stockholders and traders in Ukraine. We offer profiled flooring of required dimensions for low price, because we work directly with manufacturers. You can convert metal products to ton directly on the website using calculator for metal recalculation. Advantages of work with us:

• large base of metal products in Dnepropetrovsk;

• flexible pricing system;

• prompt orders processing;

• individual approach to each customer;

• possibility of additional metal processing (cutting,
unwinding etc.);

• delivery of goods to Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and other
cities, as well as across the CIS and European Union.

You can make a request for purchase of profiled flooring and ask our consultants about its cost and availability by telephone numbers from the website. You can also use the feedback form.

Galvanized profiled flooring

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№ Vendor code7TitleS10-1000-0,50Size
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№ Vendor code8TitleS10-1000-0,55Size
Price UAH/tn
№ Vendor code9TitleS 10-1000-0,60Size
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