Metal products cutting 

Metal cutting is made to the dimensions in order to separate metal products into separate semi-finished metal parts or details under specified parameters according to drawings. Technological procedure is made on the metal base of the steel stockholder Absolut-Steel  LLC. We use turning, milling, band saw machines, as well as guillotine and other metal-cutting equipment, cutting tools to cut metal.

Types of metal cutting

Steel stockholder Absolut- Steel LLC provides services for metal products cutting by cold shear as well as CNC plasma and gas-oxygen cutting of flat steel.
Mechanical metal cutting is made with the help of grinder, guillotine, band-saw machine and stationary rotary saw:

• Cutting on the guillotine is performed by special scissors or knives after preliminary marking. The advantages of this method are precision and low cost of processing. Transverse and longitudinal metal cutting is performed by guillotine.

• Cutting by grinder is made on straight lines with separation of steel profiles of small and medium diameter. It is used in manufacture of angles, round bars, rebar and other products. The advantage is absence of scale and oxides along the cut.

• Cutting by rotary saw provides separation of metal products at angle and high cutting precision. Due to use of discs with hard-alloy soldering the cutting of aluminum is possible. Abrasive cut-off wheels perform cutting of hard alloys.

• Band saw is used on band saw machine, which performs separation of any metal product and alloys (pipes, steel profiles, rebar, bars). The advantage of such processing is cutting at angle, high quality of the cut, low material loss.

High-temperature cutting, performed by us, includes:

• CNC Plasma cutting of flat steel. CNC Plasma cutting of flat steel is made by plasmotron, generating cutting arc. The arc is a mixture of gases supplied under high pressure. By this method of processing the metal melts and burns along the cut line. It is the most cost-effective and productive method.

• Gas-oxygen cutting is made when the metal is heated up to 1000°C and burned in pure oxygen. The method is used for separation of thick metal products, having low thermal conductivity.
Cutting of flat steel and steel profiles is necessary not only to get semi-finished steel parts according to drawings, but also for convenient, cost-effective shipment and transportation of metal products to the warehouse.

What determines the cost of metal cutting 

Prices for cutting are calculated according to provided drawings individually. The price directly depends on:

• type of separation;

• precision class;

• characteristics of metal products;

• thickness of plate to be cut;

• order quantity.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC

Metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC performs mechanical and hot cutting on modern equipment in accordance with terms of reference. It is profitable to cooperate with us, because we provide:

• perfect precision at any cutting method;

• possibility to cut rusty metal products by gas-oxygen method;

• manufacture of non-standard parts according to drawings;

• cutting of all types of metal products.

Batching and delivery of finished products to the regions of Ukraine is made by transport companies. Collection from the warehouse of the metal stockholder Absolut-Steel LLC in Dnepr city is also possible.